Get the Right CCTV Systems and Installation Service

You have to make sure that your house is fully-protected to keep it away from intruders. Installing a CCTV system is one of the impressive solutions to protect homes or buildings. Before that, You have to understand the way to select the right CCTV installation service. Choosing the right product and service will give you a lot of benefits and maximal protection as you want. 

Indoor or Outdoor CCTV System 

Decide first whether you want to use the CCTV system indoors or outdoors. You have to consider installing durable security cameras if you need to install them outdoors. The cameras have to deal with the weather, condition, and temperature. Installing security cameras that have sawdust, greases, smoke, water protection feature is recommended to keep the camera works maximally. 

Night Vision Feature 

A night vision feature is a crucial consideration. This feature keeps the security camera works maximally even at night or in low-light areas. For example, CCTV cameras with 20 meters to 80 meters night vision are something you can consider if you want to monitor a medium or large space around your house or buildings. Some CCTV cameras have specific technology that allows you to see the color of the images on the camera, even in darkness. 

The Resolution of the Camera 

Make sure that you install CCTV cameras with a standard resolution or even better. It keeps the quality of images on the screen and helps you to see everything clear and sharp. The ideal image resolution for CCTV cameras is 2MP or 8MP. You can even use 5MP security cameras for the best option. Indeed, the resolution of the camera helps a lot to analyze something that happens through the images.

The Size of the Monitored Area 

You can also take CCTV security cameras based on the area you want to monitor. A specific CCTV system such as Hikvision 4 Dome is a recommended product to protect small or medium size areas, such as offices, houses, warehouses, and many more. Make sure that the camera can monitor the most crucial spots in your area.   

Storage Memory

The storage memory of the security system is also essential because you need to save crucial footage. Good quality security camera system often has up to 2TB hard drive. This hard drive can save footage from the camera for ten days.   

The Angle of the Camera 

You also have to make sure that the camera can reach the area you want to monitor. One of the ways is by checking the angle of the camera. A CCTV camera often views up to 90 degrees and it is wide enough to monitor your area. 

Despite the tips above, all you have to do is find the best CCTV installation service. You can use SHOOCCTV to help get the best CCTV installations. They are ready to handle  projects across the London area. You can also find the right CCTV kits and burglar alarm systems there. In the end, you only have to wait for the installation process and use this protection system as soon as possible to protect houses, buildings, warehouses, offices, and others.  


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