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Dropsy Betta Fish Disease Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dropsy betta has become one of the most concerned topics to discuss for people around the world these days! As many of the fish lovers are keeping betta fish in their tanks. Betta fish has always been the popular fish for betta fish for sale keeping because of its aggressive nature, beautiful colors and fins!

Betta fish does not gets sick usually as it is a strong fish but sometimes it falls sick due to some certain reasons.

Dropsy is one of the most common health problems these days in betta and people are eager to know about the symptoms, causes and the treatment to cure the dropsy in betta fish. We have been getting several messages to cover the topic, so we decided to help all the betta keepers around the world and to express our love towards all the bettas living with their respective human!

This article will cover each and every information which is necessary to make your betta fish happy, healthy again. Just read every point and apply it accordingly on your betta and you will see the tremendous results in just few weeks!

Dropsy Betta Symptoms:

Dropsy in betta or bloated betta is the state in which the body of betta gets swollen. It is not a disease but a secondary symptom of another health issue in bettas!
There are many symptoms by which can clearly tell that your betta has developed dropsy such as the bloated or swollen stomach, very low appetite, and very less physical activity. More of the symptoms are given below

  • Bloated Stomach
  • Pineconing of Scales
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Lethargic Betta
  • Darting to the Surface for Oxygen
  • Always laying on one side
  • Betta Starts to Look Bug-Eyed
  • Bettas Gills will Become Pale
  • It Develops Spine Curvature

Some people misunderstand this condition of their fish and wonder that is it dropsy or constipation but dropsy in bettas is usually a bacterial infection which can be developed due to many of the reasons.
Causes of dropsy in betta fish:

There are several causes of dropsy in betta fish which can affect the immune system of your little betta. Sometimes when the owner of little betta forgets to change the water of its tank can cause serious infection in the bettas. Not having enough food or having less nutritional food is also one of the main reasons the betta to develop dropsy.

Some of the major reasons for the development of the dropsy in betta fish are listed below…

  • Uncleaned Water in their Tank
  • Gram Negative Bacteria
  • Aeromonas
  • Unstable Temperature of the Tank Water
  • Aggressive Tank Mates
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Transportation for a Long Time

How to Cure Dropsy

Dropsy is fatal in its advanced stages and very difficult to cure. However, there are some of the methods provided by the experts. Dropsy treatment gets easy and simple when best methods are applied.

Following are some of the verified methods which you can use to make your little betta healthy and happy again

  • Change the 25 Percent of the Water of Betta Fish Tank
  • Prepare a Hospital Tank for Your Betta
  • Consult a Doctor
  • Give your Betta the Prescribed Anti-Biotic Immediately
  • Give you betta Warm Water at the Temperature of 78F.
  • Keep the Level of Water Lower to make Sure that Betta Find it Easy to Surface for the Oxygen
  • Add 0.5 Teaspoons of the Aquarium Salt into the Hospital Tank, It will Help Betta to Cure the Swelling
  • Acclimate the Betta Fish to Hospital Tank
  • Feed your Fish with Foods that are Higher in Nutrition

Well, there are several causes by which your little betta can develop dropsy in it but you need to take care of the major reasons such as changing the water of the tank, checking the temperature of the tank, providing your betta with proper and nutritious food, check the betta fish tank for any leftovers of the food, not keeping your betta with any of the aggressive tank mates.
These are some of the major areas of concern when you keep a betta fish with you and want it to be healthy and happy while living with you.
If you will follow all the guidelines mentioned above then you will definitely prevent and cure the dropsy betta in no time

Recommendation: Please consult a doctor to cure dropsy in betta fish while following these methods as the prescribed medicine and doctor’s advice can save your betta rapidly!

If you have any of the questions or any suggestion then please feel free to inbox or post them into the comment section below!


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