Best Warm-Up Exercises

There are times when you are out of time yet you want to work out and that is when you skip one of the importance of working out i.e. the warm-up part. You think that it’s fine as it is just some flexes are stretches but by avoiding it, you welcome a lot of issues which are hard to solve then.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the gym or you are going to the field for a football match, your body needs a warm-up as it helps your muscles in easing up. Moreover, people who warm-up before exercising have a lower risk of getting inflammation, injury and strains.

Below are some of the warm-ups that will help you in your workout session. Give it a read and change your game.


This one is considered as one of the efficient warm-ups. Even if someone is not into gym and stuff, they can perform push ups at home and get in great shape. Moreover, it is said to be the workout of the whole upper body. So for those who are avoiding it, reconsider, please.

There are various types of pushups and they all differ in which part of the upper body they want to focus on. Military push ups are good for the chest. Wide arm push ups are good for both chest and shoulders and diamond pushup is good for the triceps.


This one is considered good for the upper body too. It is considered as a good warm-up for your biceps and back. A plus point is that it strengthens up your drip too. Most of the gym freaks say that if one can carry their weight, they can carry any weight. Chinups is all about picking up your weight and we get it, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

If you are facing issues in doing chin-ups then try hanging with a rod. Keep hanging for like 15 for 20 seconds. Over time, you will be able to pick up yourself and soon, you will master the art of chin-ups too.


If you are going for a leg day, then this part will be extremely helpful for you. Try doing squats and a warm-up exercise. It will help in the flexibility of the legs which is very important when doing leg workout. Plus doing them regularly will help you get rid of those cramps after leg day.


One more for the legs. However, it is also considered as a warm-up of the whole body. It is because it helps your muscles to loosen up which helps in performing better during a workout.

Try keeping an easy pace and timing in the beginning, like 3 minutes at 2.5mph. Try increasing it gradually with time.

Low Weight Warm-ups

Now that you are actually out of time and you just want to get right into it, then we have a solution to it too. Try picking up lightweights in the beginning. The ones which are extremely easy for you to carry. Try doing some sets with them and later you can change the weights. This way you will save time and your workout will get done too.

Remember, leaving your warm-up is not an option. You will face some serious issues during your workout sessions such as strains, cramps and short breaths.

Additional Tips

Try taking some water during your warmup. It will help you in keeping yourself dehydrated. Also, try changing the number of sets and reps as it will help you in building up your inner strength. Your warmup should be at least 10-15 minutes.

A body needs a good warm-up to work out well. Try consulting a trainer if you are not able to do it. Moreover, add steroids in your diet, they can help you in getting the strength that you need. You can order them from UGFreak, a highly trustworthy company for real steroids manufactured by top brands.

There we go. These are some of the warm-ups that will help you in getting the best workout experience. Avoiding warm-up is a very common mistake that many gym freaks make. One must avoid it as it is unhealthy and has some bad circumstances too.

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